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Transform how your body looks, feels and moves.

Intensity/skill level rated from 1 to 4 stars / least to greatest.

**1/2     AAA: (Abs, Arms & Ass… Says it all, doesn’t it?!)

**            AAA PART II (A slower paced version of the first one, but still work!)

***          AB FAB (You’ll be feelin’ your core from the inside out; props sencouraged)

***          BABY GOT BACK (A booty-inspired resistance band lower-body workout)

**1/2     BACK ME UP (All that comprises the back of the body will be worked.)

***          BARRE EXPRESS (Pliés, relevés and shoulder toning, oh my!)

***          BOOTY BAND BLOWOUT  (Full body)

*1/2       CHILL OUT  (A half hour of Pilates – on the chill side)

**1/2     DEEP STRETCH (Your hips and hamstrings will appreciate this)

***          DIRECTOR’S CUT (My personal half hour mat routine)

**1/2     FLOOR BARRE (What dancers do at the barre but seated, side-lying and prone)

**1/2     FLOOR BARRE MEDLEY (A little floor barre, some extension and core…and more.  You’ll feel some upper quads)

**            FOUR ON THE FLOOR (Try the medley, the dying bug and other familiar moves with two 2lbs weights.  We’ll also work the posterior chain)

***          HARD CORE (Fully integrated abs…find your props)

****        HIIT EXPRESS (High Intensity Interval Training)

**            LICKETY SPLITS (Yep, the abc’s of how to accomplish the splits)

***          LIIT EXPRESS: Light Intensity Interval Training. (No jumping here, but don’t be fooled…you’ll sweat!  Grab your weights and let’s get those 80s’ tunes a poppin’

**1/2     LIFE IS A BALL (A moderate workout with a small Pilates ball; mainly lying down)

**1/2     LITTLE WEIGHTS ARE DECEVING (A surprising workout achieved with small weights. Two lbs will suffice. Full body)

****        LOAD UP LEGS (Squats and lunges)

**1/2    ON A ROLL (Grab your styrofoam roller; we’ve got a full body routine to roll out!)

*              PILATES CHILL PLUS I & II (The pace of a Drill class with the gentleness of a Chill class)

***          PILATES DRILL PLUS (A Drill class condensed into the half-hour)

*              PILATES THERAPEUTICS (A chill half-hour of deep & focused work.  Stretches)

***          ROCK ME ARMADEUS (Load up those guns.  Lotsa bodyweight work as well)

***1/2   SLIP ‘N SLIDERS (Fetch your washcloths; this is gonna work you hard)

***1/2   SPLANKING (1/2 squats & 1/2 planks)

***          SQUATS FOR SUPPER (Grab your kitchen counter and squat to your maximum depth)

****        SQUAT-BATA  (Tabata-style squat session)

***1/2   THIGH HIGH (Weight work and jump squats)

***          THIGH MASTER (Find something to squeeze!)

**1/2     TWENTY-MINUTE BIKINI TUNE-UP (It’s beach time. No props, just your mat)

**1/2     TWISTED SISTER (A half hour of torsion/twisting exercises! All movement planes are used)

**1/2     WIGGLY PIGGLY (Get ready to tone & tighten all them jiggly spots! Props required: weights, squish ball and Yoga blocks/riser. Focus areas: triceps & inner thighs & lower abdomen)


THE BODY BURN SERIES ***/**** (10-minute workout):

  • ABS I (without weights) & II (with weights)
  • THIGHS I (without weights) & II (with weights)
  • BOOTY 
  • SHOULDERS & BICEPS (with weights)
  • SQUATS (no props required)






Samantha is a highly skilled and very intuitive instructor.  I came to her with chronic joint pain and a case of “frozen shoulder.”  I’d never worked with a trainer before, but she made me feel comfortable right away, understood exactly what I was experiencing, asked really good questions, and was able to quickly focus on the areas that needed attention.  She seems to have a solid plan for every session, but is also very flexible in attuning herself to one’s abilities and limitations.  As someone who works with learning disabled adults, I can see that she has a clear vision of what can be achieved to bring someone to a higher level of function.  I have no hesitation in commending Samantha as an excellent pilates instructor. 

Steve Lebo, Educator